Lateral Movement

Shoulder Belt Location

Laurie Callender Seatbelts

There have been a number of issues found where the shoulder belts contact the seat apertures due to the belt not being secured from lateral movement. These have been found in both Speedway and Jetsprint events around the country.

Due to very tight fitting of seats in cockpits, the mounting of the shoulder belts using wrap around mountings does not always allow sufficient room for the three-bar slider and so this also can foul in the seat aperture. Once the belt has been mounted to the roll cage and lined up with the seat aperture it should be locked in place with a suitable device to stop lateral movement.

The photo below shows the right-hand belt which has moved to the right causing the 3-bar hardware to foul the seat. This would give a false impression of the belt being tight when done up, as well as damaging the webbing rubbing on the seat.

Lateral Movement

The simplest way to stop the lateral movement is to use a cable tie around the bar but this should be checked each time the competitor enters the cockpit.

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