Off Season Safety Checks

Laurie Callender General Safety

During any off season, you have the chance to check your safety gear to ensure it is still in good condition, has not expired and still meets your Sports Body’s Rules. Below is a handy check list to assist you in checking your safety gear.

  1. Helmets. Check for any damage that may have occurred during your season. Paint chips of a minor size are normally OK but the scrutineer will have the final say. Make sure your helmet has not been locked away in your helmet bag while damp as this could cause issues with mould or damaged paint. Check any FHR helmet attachments are still well secured in the helmet construction. Check the helmet standard has not expired within your sports body’s rules.
  2. Race Suit. Should be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions. They should be hung up and aired inside out during the off season. Any tear’s cuts or holes will need to be repaired. This can only be carried out by a manufacturer or repair shop that has the correct flame-retardant thread. Ensure the approval standard still meets the current rules.
  3. Accessories. Gloves must be of good quality with NO holes. It is probably cheaper to replace gloves that are badly worn or damaged. Approved underwear and balaclavas should be clean and meet the required Standard. Boots and Socks of approved type should also be checked for holes etc.
  4. Frontal Head Devices. If you are wearing these devices check the expiry date on SFI units as they will require recertification before they are 5 years old. In NZ these devices can be sent for checking at the approved repairers listed on the supplier’s tab above, and should be done in the off season so you are not caught out without your device.
  5. Seat Belts. Make sure your belts still fit within the manufacturer’s expiry date. When refitting your belts ensure all hardware is still of good quality and belts are pulling at the correct angles. Ensure hooks on eye bolt mounts are correctly aligned.

Further information on all these items can be found in earlier blog posts on this website.

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