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Laurie Callender General Safety, Helmets

More and more competitors are fitting a camera to their helmets but even with a camera mounting bracket these make your helmet non-compliant with the regulations and may even be unsafe to the wearer. Hemet approvals from FIA, SFI and Snell do not test their helmets with added accessories so adding these can make your helmet unable to meet the approval standards.

Some helmets are designed with cameras built-in or have provision for a camera so these helmets would have been tested for this configuration.

Motorcycling NZ specifically states in their rules:

8.2n a. No items may be fitted to the helmet that could interfere with the structural integrity of the helmet in the event of an accident. A helmet is made to provide protection. A helmet is not to be used as a platform to attach foreign objects.
b. Tear offs, Roll offs and similar may be fitted to goggles/visors if approved for the event. All other accessories are strictly forbidden on any part of the riders head protection.
c. The Steward of the event has the right to reject the use of any helmet or any other accessory not covered elsewhere in this rule that they consider a safety concern.

FIA state:

Helmet cameras used in F1 and Formula E are tested and approved by FIA. Do not try to copy them by adding a camera or other accessories to a helmet as it will void homologation and be unsafe for competition. View regulations for accessories, Article 1.4 Modifications: https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/appendix_l_2021_publie_le_08_juillet_2021.pdf

Dino Altmann, FIA Commission President.

Helmet Camera

So, in short, fit your camera to your body or your vehicle and not to your helmet.

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