Ratchet Type Harness

Laurie Callender General Safety, Seatbelts

The ratchet type harness allows the competitor to tighten the lap belts easier and much tighter than normal methods. It is however important that the mounting of the device is performed correctly. Follow the manufactures instructions to mount the ratchet device at the correct angle (between 45° and 60° from horizontal).
ratchet belt fitting

Leave the attachment bolt loose enough to allow correct alignment of the belt onto the reel.
Sit in the vehicle and do up all belts. Tighten the ratchet belt up ensuring webbing is correctly aligned with reel. Once the lap belt is tight, tighten the mounting bolt up to maintain this position.
Once this set up has been performed the belt should always remain in the correct position.

Note: SFI 16.1 regulations state: When ratchet adjusters are used, the webbing wrap around an installed spool must be less than 3 revolutions of the spool.

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