What is the purpose of a Neck Collar?

Laurie Callender General Safety, Neck Brace

A neck collar is used to support the weight of the helmet and is listed in the Speedway NZ rule book as a Helmet Support under Driver accessories. The collar must be made of flame retardant material as advised below by the SFI specification.

Helmet supports (also called neck braces and neck supports) shall have a fire
resistant/retardant material covering. The padding or core material shall also be fire
resistant/retardant. Helmet supports shall encircle the entire neck; 360 degrees.
They shall have a break in the front or side and a device to fasten the ends together.

Ensure the collar is wide enough to fully support the helmet. Narrow collars can slip up under the helmet in an accident and potentially restrict the breathing of the competitor.

For karting use, the collar does not require a flame resistant standard and can be shaped to better fit the layback seating position of the competitor.

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