CMR Helmet label

Fake CMR2007 Child Karting Helmet

Laurie Callender Helmets, Karting

Recently in the UK a fraudulent Snell/FIA CMR2007 labelled helmet was found. The helmet also had a British Standard BS6658:1985 label attached to the side of the helmet.

The issues here are:

  1. There is no duel helmet approval with both the British Standard and the Snell/FIA standard. In fact the BS6658;1985 standard expired in September 2016.
  2. The helmet shown does not appear to be from the same manufacture as the Snell/FIA label shows.


The full list of Snell/FIA CMR certified helmets can be found on the CIK website:

Competitors should be wary of where they are purchasing helmets from and only buy from a reputable source.


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