Difference between Head Nets and Window Nets

Laurie Callender General Safety

There are two types of nets used in motorsport and each serves a different purpose. In some cases both types can be used however specific mounting rules must apply for each depending on the class of vehicle you are competing in.

Window Net.

These are quick detachable nets for the side window of closed cars and are used to prevent hands and arms exiting the vehicle in a roll over etc.

The nets should be mounted as far forward to be past the centre of the steering wheel and cover the window back to the “B” pillar.


Head Net

Head nets are designed and fitted to limit the side movement of the head and shoulders during an impact. These are used in conjunction with a full containment seat and a FHR neck device. These should be attached on both sides of the driver however some rules make it compulsory to have a net fitted the RH side only as per Ministock Speedway racing. It is not compulsory in this class if you have a full containment seat however it is highly recommended to include a head net with any seat type.

Below are the recommended fitting instructions from the FIA.

The position of the front mounting point should be as parallel as possible to the seat position as shown below:

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