Counterfeit Seat Belts

Laurie Callender General Safety, Seatbelts

There have been a number of issues regarding counterfeit seat belts brought to attention by both SFI and FIA recently. Both have their own methods of labelling etc. and you can find full details of these on their respective websites. However to highlight the issues to be aware of:

SFI 16.1 seat belts sold by Ruian Sanlian have labels which do not meet the SFI requirements. You can view the notice issued by SFI on this issue at:

FIA 8853/98 and 8854/98 belts are required to have a homologation label with a holographic identifier on the LH shoulder belt. All other belts will have an identification label attached with all belts having matching ID numbers and expiry dates etc.
Counterfeit belts have been found with labels not stitched in the correct place, and the Homologation number not matching the belt configuration of 5 or 6 straps. Below is the breakdown of the FIA Homologation number:

If you have any doubt at all regarding your seat belts being genuine or not please contact us directly and we will check this for you.

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