Correct fitting of Arm Restraints

Laurie Callender General Safety

Arm restraints are compulsory in Speedway Open Wheel racing but should also be worn in other forms of Open Cockpit racing including, Off Road, Power Boating or any form of motorsport where a rolling vehicle may mean your arms are at risk of being damaged by flailing around the outside of the vehicle.

They attach to your harness straps, usually with a large metal ring for each shoulder belt and clip onto straps attached to your forearms.

It is important that the forearm straps are located in the correct position, i.e. must be fitted BELOW your elbow. Picture below shows mounting strap just below the elbow and could be positioned a little lower on the forearm.


Race Suits with sewn in tabs are only approved by SFI. The Suit will have an SFI label attached at the position of the attachment ring on the sleeve. (See picture below).To comply with SFI 3.3 certification, all arm restraint components must be used as a complete set as supplied by the suit manufacturer. No mixing of brands is permitted.

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