Adding Embroidery and Labels to Race Suits

Laurie Callender General Safety, Race Suit

When buying a multi-layer race suit off the shelf please be aware that you cannot add any embroidery unless the suit is un-stitched so the embroidery only goes through the outer layer. This ensures there is no direct heat transfer through the suit layers at the position of the embroidery.

Any badges sewn directly on to the overalls shall be ‘Fire-Resistant’ backed and attached using Fire-Resistant thread. Any embroidery shall be sewn on to the outer layer of the overalls only as below:

Stitching through all layers is outside of the Standard set by FIA etc. so the race suit becomes non-compliant and therefore would not pass Officials Scrutineering.

Printing can only be done by the manufacturer and must be approved. Digital prints are not allowed.

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